One piece bikini: new swimwear collection Mistre

by mistre lemma Alemayehu

There are those who are already counting down the summer and the well-deserved (well-deserved) holidays, while those who wear the costume all year round. At this point the question is this ...


One piece swimsuit or bikini? What are the trends saying? What will be the model on which to focus?

In every self-respecting swimwear collection, both can be found, proposed with the different "variations on the theme" offered by the trends of the year.


Online swimwear: new swimwear collection by Mistre

The sustainable and Made in Italy swimwear brand focuses on the philosophy of exclusivity with swimwear that prefers quality over quantity. Unlike fast fashion that is harmful to the planet, the luxury beachwear brand made in Italy prefers a contained, targeted and limited selection to preserve quality and reduce the environmental impact.

A feature that obviously adds exclusivity to the already much appreciated sustainability of the product.


New swimwear collection: one-piece or two-piece?

The ideal? Have both, of course! If, on the other hand, your heart prefers one of the two swimwear models, online trendy shops like that of Mistre Swimwear offer plenty of choice while guaranteeing an exclusive and luxury product that can satisfy and sublimate every silhouette.


New Mistre swimwear collection: one-piece swimsuits

The one-piece swimsuit, which was back in vogue in trends a few years ago, is often the preferred model for the sometimes shy start of the holidays. But not only that: it is certainly among the favorite models for "all year", becoming even bodysuits if necessary and accompanying everyday looks depending on the rest of the outfit.

Feminine, daring, jaunty or playful, Mistre offers it in three versions in the new swimwear collection.

Two-tone and "simple", the Bondi Beach one-shoulder swimsuit has essential features sublimated by some fanciful details such as the bow on the shoulder strap (detail not only aesthetically beautiful but also practical as it allows you to adjust and adapt the fit to the best) and the edge in natural rope, a recurring detail as a common thread in the new swimwear collection of the sustainable swimwear brand.

The natural rope instead becomes shoulder pads in the Pink Beach one-piece swimsuit. Solid color and with a deep neckline and underwires give this model from the Mistre swimwear collection an elegant and sometimes retro appeal. A slightly lingerie style that makes this one-piece swimsuit the perfect model to be worn even under a denim jacket or blazer.

Among the flagship swimsuits in Mistre's new swimwear collection, one cannot fail to mention the Maya Bay model which is certainly among the most-wanted one-piece swimsuits of the year. Bandeau and strapless swimsuit, i.e. strapless, its apparent simplicity hides a decidedly captivating appeal on the retro: a deep neckline on the back emphasized by crosses in natural rope.

On the front, however, a V-shaped design creates movement without distorting the essentiality of the bandeau costume. Try it off the beach too, with denim shorts and espadrilles for a summer look that will take your breath away.


New Mistre swimwear collection: bikinis or two-piece swimsuits

If the sustainable swimwear brand has three whole models in the new swimwear collection, there are four bikinis or two-piece swimsuits. One, however, could be the right and healthy "middle ground", an ideal swimsuit for those who hesitate between whole or two-piece, or for those who prefer the comfort of the bikini without wanting to reveal too much at the same time.

Waikiki Beach is the swimsuit from Mistre's new swimwear collection that most embodies this philosophy. One-shoulder fringed top and high-waisted culottes, the two-piece swimsuit of the brand plays with the concept of “I see, I don't see”.

The most "external" two-piece swimsuit of the new swimwear collection, Waikiki Beach owes its versatility to the one-shoulder top with elastic cord edge and doubled cord straps enriched with fringes that cover and uncover the belly and back.

Top combined with a high-waisted cream-colored culotte with a retro style but divinely current at the same time.

The other bikinis in Mistre's swimwear collection all focus on the band. Lopes Mendes, Source d’Argent and Ocho Rios all combine a bandeau bra with or without gathers and with or without a border or natural rope straps with high-waisted or V-cut briefs, seamless and high-cut Brazilian style.

Two-piece swimsuits or bikinis featuring vitamin colors such as orange or light blue or an elegant blue, all three perfect for enhancing the shapes of the female body and offering you an irresistible style throughout the summer.